Brian A. McMullin
Brian A. McMullin - Owner

Brian brings over 25 years of experience in leadership roles to the Marek Brothers team. He is involved in general oversight during all phases of construction, leveraging his management experience to provide the best construction product.  Brian is responsible for overall construction management and construction phase services. Management of areas under his direction include new business development, client relations, cost control, estimating, value engineering, systems analysis, quality control, project coordination, safety, expediting, negotiations, purchasing, and scheduling. He works to ensure Marek Brothers is providing its clients with project performance, quality, and lasting value.


Patrick A. Marek
Patrick A. Marek - Owner

With an extensive background in leadership and management, Patrick is responsible for managing all Marek Field Operations. As a seasoned and organized manager, he has the exceptional ability to manage the construction process and the people involved. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality construction for his clients.  Patrick enjoys working in a fast-paced environment and utilize his strong leadership skills to build up his team. He oversees the field staff and is responsible for the progression of work in the field. He communicates directly with trade contractors and the design team concerning project cost, staffing, and scheduling. Patrick’s direction and leadership ensure all projects are completed within the given budget and timeframe.


Emerson Macz
Emerson Macz - Project Manager

Emerson’s thoroughness and detail-oriented approach to a project ensures a well-managed and efficient project through all phases of pre-construction, construction, and closeout. With over 20 years of experience in military, healthcare, academia, and multifamily projects, Emerson brings a wealth of invaluable expertise to the Marek Brothers team. He focuses on submittal approval, requests for information, and general documentation of work. He works to facilitate construction progress as scheduled and in adherence to contract specifications. He implements the quality control and commissioning plan and inspects all systems and trades for quality and craftmanship, investigating and resolving any issues that may arise. 


Jim Millar
Jim Millar - Superintendent

Jim has 30 years of experience in construction including experience in mass excavation, building excavation, site grading and site remediation.

Jim leads and manages field operations, including supervising field personnel, managing subcontractors, quality control, safety management, and equipment utilization and coordination. He provides overall on-site administrative and technical management through planning, coordination, and supervision of craft employees to ensure the project is constructed in a safe manner and on schedule.



Ronny Rice
Ronny Rice - Superintendent

Ronny implements his extensive and ranged experience at Marek Brothers Construction to efficiently manage complex projects. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is an exceptional asset to the project team. Ronny coordinates and manages all field operations and construction activities on his project. This includes supervising field personnel, communicating and coordinating with subcontractors, ensuring quality control standards are met, as well as managing job site safety. He performs all on site managerial duties, and through proper planning, effective communication, and efficient execution, Ronny ensure that his projects are constructed safely, timely, and cost effective.

Mason Dunn
Mason Dunn - Chief Estimator

Mason is responsible for all facets of construction business including cost estimating, conceptual estimating, project management, and proper quality control. He is invaluable to understanding and determining construction cost.  His thoroughness and foresight ensure proper cost accounting and allocation of resources throughout the pre-construction and construction phase. Mason ensures transparency and innovation during design and bidding processes, allowing client’s visions to become a reality, while maintaining control on costs and scheduling.


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