Purpose In Everything We Do


Preconstruction Services - Joining forces with our clients, we like to develop a “Team Plan”. The Team Plan includes:
   • Detail cost estimate information
   • Evaluation of project viability and creation of a credible budget
   • Discussion of possibilities to lower costs for client
   • Present proposals and/or bids from contractors and suppliers working on the project
   • Sequence of work on the project from day one to client’s possession

Construction Services - Marek Brothers manages from the first day of construction to the first day of our clients’ occupancy. These services include:
   • Congruent with the projects’ contract, our team avails themselves to all areas of job activities.
   • Provides quality workmanship to attain any cost-savings for our client
   • Record and document all necessary inspections to assist in the completion of the project.
   • Documentation of projects’ “as-builts” to ease the maintenance and operation of the facility.

Post Construction - A team member will be your contact for all warranty work as needed

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